Get rid of automatic prompt to add login when vault it locked

I see this was a requested feature and some people actually think it’s a good idea. I disagree. If I’m not using Bitwarden I don’t want to do anything. If I want to add a login I will open Bitwarden. The current implementation is abysmal and annoying beyond belief. Even if this were a good idea (and it’s not) it’s been implemented in a way that’s confusing and disruptive. I was told months ago that this problem would be addressed in “the next update” and it persists. Again, this is an unnecessary feature which has been poorly implemented. If you’re married to this idea then please at least have the decency to provide an easy to find and effective way to disable it. Disabling login notifications altogether is not an appropriate or acceptable alternative.
tldr version: I want to be able to disable the notification to unlock the vault and add login when the vault is locked. This is a high priority to me as it is an incredibly annoying intrusion.