German Test of Bitwarden password manager

In this test the lack of a German help and manuals was noted, and also the that the terms and privacy policy were not up to German standards, sadly it doesn’t say what is wrong with the terms and privacy policy. And the same time Bitwarden was said to use and store only limited personal data. When using Bitwarden the handling on website was downgraded, I don’t know why though.

So the end result was a 2.9 and place 6 out of 11. (They only tested the free version)

Any link to sources?
And why is this in “Feature Requests”?

The test itself can be found here

The full text of the article reveals the following about how they assessed the legal texts: “Fast alle anderen Anbieter [außer Keepass] haben sehr deutliche Mängel. In vielen Fällen besteht das Problem schlicht darin, dass die Texte nur auf Englisch vorliegen – das ist nicht verbraucherfreundlich, gerade bei komplexen juristischen und technischen Erklärungen.”

Which essentially translates to that most products, incl. Bitwarden, don’t have a translated ToS or/and privacy policy which is seen as consumer unfriendly.

Sadly the most important point is not addressed, why Bitwarden downgraded when it comes to handling on websites. It mentions that there is no IE extension but IE is hopefully dead.

It is in feature request because user to user support doesn’t fit and maybe it can lead to improvements for Bitwarden. Stiftung Warentest is a very well respected non-profit consumer organisation and there assessments are for many still a reason to choose a product or not.