Generate password (copied) functionality in browser extensions doesn't work

Hi All,

Currently running Windows 10 Home - fully updated.

I have the Bitwarden extension installed in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

All browsers are up to date and all Bitwarden extensions are up to date.

If I click on the Generate password (copied) Bitwarden menu option - nothing happens. The password is not copied to the clipboard.

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour ?


Do you mean this “copy”-symbol inside the Password Generator ?


Hi Peter,

Thanks for replying

Nope. That interface is unfamiliar to me. :frowning:

Please see attached. It’s the “Generate password (copied)” menu option in the browsers. It was working in all 3 browsers before, but now it’s not working in any of them. Wondering if browser updates are the culprits ?

For the moment. I’m using Bitwarden’s online password generator -


Take a look at the Bitwarden-icon in your screenshot. It is grey. In other words: You are not logged in.


If I am not logged in I can reproduce this behavior.

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Hi Peter,

You’re right. It’s greyed out. I’m not logged in. Before (when it was working) I didn’t have to be logged in. It just worked. I’d prefer the Generate password (copied) functionality to work even when not logged in, but if this behaviour is intentional I guess I’ll just have to live with it.

I think I may contact Bitwarden support and ask them if it wouldn’t be better for that functionality to work even when not logged in (the way it was before).

Many thanks.

Ok, got it.
Just a question: How do you intend to save or remember a randomly created (and probably long and complex) password if you are not logged in ?

You got me. I save the randomly generated passwords to an encrypted file which I backup once a month. Not ideal from a security point of view I know, but I like to have manual backups just in case anything disastorous happens to the PC.


But then why did you install Bitwarden ? If your passwords are all inside Bitwarden it does not really matter if your PC or your complete house, road or city crashes. All your passwords are still available and protected. And just for the “little extra”: Bitwarden has an export-function.

Let’s just say that for me it was a trust issue and a temporary measure when I started using Bitwarden, that I need to change. Will do at some point. Thanks for the info on the export-function.