Fun logging in on new install

Hi All

I recently went away from home and forgot my laptop doh! Anyway, my wife being much cleverer than me brought hers, so I figured I could install BW on hers and access all my passwords.
So… I downloaded and reinstalled BW no problem. Then I was asked my region and had a choice of US or EU. I selected EU as that’s where I am.
Then onto login. Of course I know my email address and the master password, but BW complained that one of them was wrong. A slight panic came over while I tried a few more times, but no joy.
Anyway… The issue was that I had chosen EU instead of US. When I originally set up my account I must have chosen US. Once i changed location, I logged in no problem, so am now a happy bunny.

I just thought I would pass this on in case someone else finds themselves in the same situation.



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