Fully Locked out

Good day, Lady’s and gentlemen.

My ADHD Brain did it yet again.

I save all my passwords on that app, like work emails, normal emails, etc. loads of stuff.

I randomly decided to change my phones lock into a pattern which I obviously forgot in an instant, so right now I got a fully useless phone which probably needs to be fully reset. I got used to the thought of 15k Images and videos from 2018 till now being gone BUUUT I can’t lose all my logins for everything. I know my Master Password but the 2FA app is on that phone, and with no access to my email or anything I’m kind of trapped right now. Is there a way to get out of this mess without losing all of my logins? Many thanks in advance. :saluting_face:

Yes, you just need your BW recovery code. It’s intended for exactly this purpose.

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Your 2FA recovery code, or any other 2FA methods you might have set up (typically email, platform FIDO2 key, like Windows hello), would let you back in.

If you don’t have any of that, but still have some devices logged in, such as browsers or apps on your desktops/laptops, you may want to export a backup now, just in case you have to start over.

Also, it is also possible that if you have logged on other devices, you might have hit “remember me” and you might not need 2FA on those devices. If this applies to your web vault on your computer/laptop, you most likely would be able to temporarily disable your 2FA. The clients that you might have used include:

  1. Web vault on any browsers (chrome, edge, Firefox)
  2. Extensions on any browsers (chrome, edge, Firefox)
  3. Desktop apps

Consider other people’s computers too. Have you ever used BW on their computers? Not something recommended, but just in case you have.

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Except that you unfortunately cannot go back in time to get the code, if you didn’t heed the advice to record the code in an Emergency Sheet when you first set up your 2FA.

Did you by chance select a 2FA app that syncs/backups to the cloud?

Did you also store the TOTP secret in Bitwarden and maybe have a backup of your vault from which to extract it?

Do you back your phone up? If so, you might be able to restore the backup while “rebuilding” the phone and if lucky, the TOTP app restores its data.

Can your phone fall back to logging with your AppleID / Google password instead of pin/pattern? Perhaps after a reboot?

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