Full window on browser keyboard shortcut

When logged out, using the browser shortcut (e.g. Ctrl + Shift + L) opens up a full window to prompt for the password. Previously this was a small and elegant pop-up window. The full window is intrusive and ugly IMO. I’ve noticed this issue in Microsoft Edge and Brave. Not sure if this is a browser settings issue that I can fix?

I’m pretty sure that it used to open a new tab within the original browser window (and then close the tab after the master password was entered). Are you sure you’re not thinking of the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Y?

What you’re describing is a new feature, implemented in PR 5384: Open login form used to unlock extension in a separate window instead of a tab (⇐ Note how it says “…instead of a tab”, and not “…instead of a pop-up”).

Right, my bad. It did previously open a new tab, which I personally didn’t mind, I don’t see the point in opening a new window. And an awkward-looking tall window at that

I think the intent is to mimic the size and location of the browser extension viewport.