From Passbolt to Bitwarden


I have been tasked to find out about possible switch from Passbolt to Bitwarden, the main concern i have is that we use passbolt for sometime and its probably not possible to easily transfer stored passwords to Bitwarden right? At least its not listed on this page

So from top of my head i cant imagine how to do this transfer other way than manualy password by password? Or i hope iam just missing some obvious and more elegant approach, if so, please advise :slight_smile:
Thank you

I will share some things I encoutered when moving from Dashlane to BitWarden.

Export function worked just fine, the only thing was: for several sites bitwarden imported my email address as a password and the password itself as a note. This required me to manually copy the passwords into the proper field, a bit of a hassle but manageable (I have about 500 stored logins/passwords, of which maybe 20-30 were not properly imported straight away).

I do not know how Passbolt is exporting its entries, but if it is in CSV format, there should be no problem with moving those to BitWarden - with come caveats.

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Does Passbolt have an export function? If so, can you share an example of their export so that we can create an importer for it?

I’ve added passbolt importer to the next version of the web vault. For now, just use the LastPass CSV importer since you can export from Passbolt in LastPass’s CSV format.

Thank you, to be honest i tried to find possible export options for passbolt since your first answer, but i was unable to find any, at least by googling around “passbolt password export” and such. Ill try Passbolt forums on how this can be done. In case you still have the source of the info, ill attach it to the question as well.

Thank you

There should be an export button at the top on the Passwords listing page.