Fresh onprem install but Admin Login end in 504 NGINX Gateway Timeout

Hello all,

i did a fresh install of minimal debian12 and installed docker, compose an finally installed bitwarden following the official manual. I also placed a SSL Cert for HTTPS access… Everything seems to be running fine i was able to enter the HTTPS Bitwarden Website.

But as soon i try to login via admin email i’ve configured (change config to my own smtp relay server and placed the admin e-mail adresses) i’ve running into a 504 NGINX Gateway timeout.

What keeping me wondering is the fact, as soon i try to ping or traceroute to my mailserver all outgoing traffic from the root shell of the bitwarden server goes NOT from the internal ens192 Network adapter 192.168.x.x but from the automatically createt Docker0 Adapter with
I am planning to only run the bitwarden Container on this machine nothing more so i like to keep all setting as simple as possible.

Did anyone run into same problem or have an idea how to solve the problem that all outgoing traffic is coming from the Docker0 ip and not from the Servers 192.168.x.x ?
I am not very familar with nginx and thought it should be plug&play out of the box as i had no error during the installation.

okay it was so easy… the docker network created by default was in conflict with an existing network, so i changed the docker ip adress pool et voila… all is working now