Free Push Authentication for Bitwarden? 🤔

I’m in the process of moving from Lastpass to Bitwarden. However, with Lastpass I was able to login with a master password where my phone was then prompted through the Lastpass Authenticator app. By simply pressing “Accept” I was then logged into Lastpass effectively automatically providing the 2FA without having to manually enter it.

How can I do the same with Bitwarden? :thinking: I’d like to login to Bitwarden with my master password, have my phone be prompted, click accept from Authy or Google Athenticator, and then I’m in Bitwarden.

So far, I have not seen a way to do this with Bitwarden? Instead, I find I have to manually enter the Authenticator 2FA code every time, which is certainly not convenient when compared to Lastpass.

This inconvenience has made me hesitate to jump to Bitwarden. But, maybe this can be done with Bitwarden and is why I’m asking.

Here is the convient prompt of LastPass Authenticator via the phone that I am talking about:

Simply click “APPROVE” and you are in LastPass. There is no need to enter the Authenticator Code manually!

Is there anything similar to this for Bitwarden? :thinking:

Take a look at the free version of Duo. It’s my favorite of the 3 2FA methods I use.

Thanks for the feedback Peter_H! I appreciate your input. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, now I know what I’m trying to obtain: Authenticator Push Notification for Bitwarden.

Peter_H, you suggest using Duo for Authenticator Push Notification for Bitwarden as your favorite. However, it’s not free. Duo ranges from $3 to $9 a month! May as well just stay with Lastpass for that price.

Is there any FREE Authenitcator Push Notification for Bitwarden? Or something that is more reasonable, like $1 a month? Lastpass is $3 a month and supports Authenticator Push Notification.

From a price standpoint between Lastpass and Bitwarden, I’m not seeing a benefit of moving to Bitwarden if I’m loosing convenience features. :thinking:

I’m trying to make the jump to Bitwarden, but I’m not going to pay $9 a month for a password manager on top of the Bitwarden yearly price.

I am using “Duo Free” - as its name says - for free since I signed up for Bitwarden Premium. In other words: I don’t pay anything for it.
Duo offers a free version for up to 10 users, and 3 other tiers ranging in price and features.

There is another thread on forum for the same question… btw, did you try to use LastPass authenticator for getting into Bitwarden?

The push approval only works on lastpass. Other apps don’t get push approval. The only authenicator that uses push would be duo.

Keep in mine that push usually work with same vendor. If you use a lot of ms product then ms authenticator

But! If you have to use Microsoft Teams in an enterprise environment stay away from the Microsoft Authenticator:

I work for an MSP. We’re not having one organization having issues with Microsoft Authenticator with Teams at all.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the organization in that thread has an issue with a setup of their ADFS Server.

Back to the topic, I just setup Duo push in minutes from my free Duo admin account. I’m using this account for Authelia on my nginx server. Pushes are free, if you want text you get a certain amount for free.