Former LastPass User - Migrated to BW This Week - Change Passwords Again?

After the LastPass release of more details of their latest security breech, I went and changed all of my passwords. This took about 4+ hours of my time.

Shortly after changing them and reading more details on the security issues at LastPass, I imported all the fresh passwords into BW. They were live with LastPass for maybe 5 days top.

I’ve since deleted my account at LastPass and I would assume that caused the deletion of my vault as well.

Am I being overly paranoid in thinking I should change my passwords yet again, or do you think the risk of having them in LastPass for 5 days is minimal? I have a 20+ character master password with LastPass.

I would think between the new master password and new site passwords you’d be fine.

If you are still uneasy, then change the site ones again. Maybe do the critical ones that don’t have 2FA first, then the non-critical ones without 2FA, then do the critical ones.

If you changed your LastPass master password first before doing the 4 hour job then your risk is low.

I would probably still change my email password though but that’s just me. :+1:

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Pro Tip.
Keep your account so your part of the lawsuits that will inevitably follow. :wink:

They will get the list of people who were subscribers at the time of the event.

On another note, I received a check for 49c for some Apple class action lawsuit.

Nah. Not necessary. We will all be able to prove we were customers when we are featured in most pwned results in