Format error for import from Lastpass

Hi everyone

I’m looking to migrate over from Lastpass with the announcement but failing at the first hurdle to import my data.

I’ve exported from Lastpass following the instructions but get an error when importing:

I’ve tried with both the .csv I’ve saved and by “copy/paste the import file contents” and receive the same error.

Obviously it’s something I must be doing wrong when creating the .csv but I’ve followed all the instructions. To create the .csv I’m copying and pasting the contents from the Lastpass export link into an excel sheet (pasting into cell A1) and saving as .csv (comma delimited). The format is all data in column A in separate rows. Cell A1 is url,username,password,totp,extra,name,grouping,fav
and the data looks to be correct.



Hi Catherine, welcome to Bitwarden!

That help article contains the following warning:

Some users have reported a bug which changes special characters in your passwords (&, <, >, etc.) to their HTML-encoded values (for example, &amp;) in the printed export.

If you observe this bug in your exported data, use a text editor to find and replace all altered values before importing into Bitwarden.

Have you double-checked the CSV data?


I’m having this exact same issue. My question is do you have a full list of special characters that we need to search for that are being converted and what we need to revert them back to? I’m not an expert in HTML encoding. Is that the same thing as URL encoding or ASCII encoding? Most people don’t know how to do this.


I figured out my import issue. My LastPass export had XML for wifi login profiles. Once I manually removed all the XML from my LastPass export the import worked fine.

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I struggled with this same thing for a while. I wound up copying the entire CSV file from LastPass (including the first line) and just pasting it into the little box under the “Browse” button. The first couple of times I tried it I had not included the first line of the file. and got the red box error message. Once that was part of the pasted copy…Voila!

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Thanks everyone for your input.
I ended up using the copy paste method and breaking the data into chunks and it’s worked. :sweat_smile:
I did omit any of the notes, wifi passwords, bank accounts etc so it may have been those as maxdanger suggested.

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I have the same problem. Is there a solution without copy pasting. I have credentials over 100 and solving this error with import using Form Fill data method would be helpful. Since Exports from the Web Vault will not include form fills.