Form Filling on Google Forms

I am trying to create a way to autofill part of a Google form. However, when I try using any of the regular fields from the Identity type, it says, “Unable to auto-fill the selected item on this page. Copy and paste the information instead.” When I try to use custom fields, the Bitwarden Copy Custom Field Name gives me, “No unique identifier found.”

My other issue is that I want to have the form filler answer a multiple choice field, but I am unsure how.

I am not certain about Google Forms, but a lot of websites that offer polls, forms, and surveys will prevent auto-fill, presumably as a protection from bots. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much you can do here, either in Bitwarden or other password managers for that matter.

I have been able to get LastPass to fill in some of the fields with the wrong information before. So it seems to be possible to do someway.

I was able to find a solution that will serve my needs here

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