Forgot master password but the password is saved in the firefox extension

I forgot the master password and the hint didn’t help.
But I am using the firefox extension with the correct saved password. There is a way to “recover” the password from the extension?

I don’t think so. I would recommend to export your vault before you lose access to it for whatever reason, because then you will be screwed. Then make another account

Edit: Just realized you can’t export it… copy everything you have in there on paper for example, then manually enter it in the new vault.

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This is pretty much the only thing you can do since you don’t know your master password. Did you set a hint? Try login to the web vault multiple times on a trial and error basis. Also never log out of your extension

I found the correct password by using the export button and trying all the common permutations I use.

But I think there must be a way to recover the password using the information from the extension. I tried all the usual ways extensions use to save data but found anything.
I was planning to reverse engineer the extension but I tried one more time to recover using the hint and was successful.
Anyway, it is good to know it is not very easy to hack the password if you save it in the extension.

Thanks for the help!

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Now that you have found the correct password I’ll say what I thought first.

Keep a copy of your password, as most people’s memory is fallible. In fact, keep more than one copy in more than one place. I never got some information back after I forgot a complicated password.

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