Force one way sync?

Is it possible to have the Bitwarden app sync “upward” to the online vault at

My online vault disappeared, but my vault is still ok on my tablet.

Customer service keeps asking me to clear browser data.

No, this is not possible. You can, however, (and should) export your vault data from your tablet (using the unencrypted .json format) a.s.a.p., in case you are logged out of the Bitwarden app on your tablet and lose everything. If the issue with your web vault cannot be resolved , then you can use the exported .json file to set up a new Bitwarden account. If your vault contains any file attachments, then you’ll need to download those separately.

grb, I truly appreciate your assistance.

Sadly, for some reason, the app on my tablet goes all of the way through the export steps, until the very final step, and then the app just shuts down. It is the latest version of the Android app. I’m not going to uninstall and reinstall it, which I have done with other apps, because I am very wary of ultimately losing all of my data.

In that case, I would suggest at least manually copying down your most important password (bank account, email, etc.), and continue to work with tech support to resolve the main issue with your web vault. Did you clear the browser data as they asked?

@NeedHelp As an additional attempt to export your data, try downloading the 2023.7.1 version of the Desktop app, installing that on a computer, and seeing what happens when you log in; if you’re able to log in, try again to export your vault data.

Hi GRB - I did download and install the 7/1 version of the Windows Desktop app. Logged in successfully and still see just one password in my vault. (I had previously been running a newer version on my desktop computer, but I removed that one and installed v2023.7.1)

I went back to my tablet and tried the export again, but the app still shuts down.

I’ve been following all guidance I’ve received from the support team re clearing browser data, trying a different browser.

FYI, Bitwarden does keep server backups for disaster recovery purposes, but only for one week. I believe there is precedent for an individual user’s vault being restored from such backups in a case where a technical glitch on Bitwarden’s end caused that user’s vault to become inaccessible. Thus, if it has been less than a week since the problem appeared, it may be a good idea to push for this option.

I’ve been asking about restoring my vault from backup for several days but never got any response. I just emailed again with the same request, since tomorrow will be exactly one week that I’ve been trying to get this resolved.

You’ve been very helpful, and I appreciate it.

Bitwarden employee @dwbit (who was the main social media rep for Bitwarden, but has since moved another role and has changed their handle to @bw-admin) used to be good at escalating support cases that came up in the forum. Not sure if pinging his successors (@sj-bitwarden and @JaiBitwarden) here may be helpful.

Thanks for the tag @grb . @NeedHelp I have followed up with CS for additional assistance and will respond tomorrow with any updates. If the issue is resolved prior to that please feel free to let us know.

I’ve given up on any assistance from tech support. Totally frustrated after over 2years with Bitwarden. Moving on to another option, which will be extremely difficult since the android app still won’t allow me to export my vault.

Thank you for the community support.

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