Folders issues

when editing/adding an item to my vault, the folders dropdown shows all folders from all my vaults, which is obviously confusing.
how can I can I set it only show the folders from the currently selected vault.

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Did you select “My Vault” that shows you only your vault? Or am I missing something?

When adding an item to a folder, it displays all of your folders (personal view only) because they can contain items from any vault that you have access to.

When you tap a vault, it will update the folders to show which folders have content related to that vault.

The folder system will be replaced with vault item labels, providing additional functionality and simplified tagging.

it doesn;t matter what vault I am using, it always shows all folder.
I have over 10 years worth of data here, so its a lot of folders.

no, it shows them always, for all vaults, not just my personal vault.
so I have 3 vaults currently
my vault
my organisation

no matter which one I am wokring in, i get all the folders and nest folders from all vaults… which results in a massive list.
I also have some of the same folder names in each vault, so I also get duplicates.

The folders transcend the vaults, they are to organize all information you have access to in your personal view (they disappear when you go to the organization/admin area, they are not duplicated across the vaults, so when you navigate to different vaults it displays related folders that include items from that vault.

As mentioned above, folders will be replaced by vault item labels so the current functionality will not change until the upgrade.