Folder / Collection Themes

Sometimes for a single site like google for example we end up with multiple accounts. Some are my personal accounts, some are organization accounts, some are from other collections. This can make it hard to quickly and easily find the one you want. Even if you have them all in different folders and or collections there is no indication or grouping of the items when you are on the login page.

It would be nice to make it so items from a particular folder get highlighted a set color or something so they stand out. Or maybe there is ones that you almost never use and want them on the bottom of the list. Another option would be some way to show some logins but others are hidden unless you expand there folder.

I am sure there is a lot of better ways to do this but right now it is hard to easily sort or identify exactly what login you are looking for quickly.

Would being able to cycle through related accounts via keyboard shortcut make sense to you in this application?

No, that is a bit different issue. In my case for example lets say I am going to log into a google account. I got 10 different accounts. Some are for work, some are for one department at work, some for another. Sometimes I just want to quickly find my personal account. I can easily see them all at one time but I need to actually read all of them to locate the one I want. If they had different colors I could go oh the green ones those are my personal accounts I will just read those to look for the account I want. Or oh the red ones are the work related accounts and so on and so forth. Just like how there is fav icons on accounts for various websites that help act as a visual clue when looking for an account. When you have a lot of accounts for a single sight it is useful to have some visual clue to help narrow down what you are looking for. In my example I am looking at the firefox plugin but you can easily see how this could be extrapolated to the other viewers as well.

As for the part about orders and hiding ones for example. Some of us have test accounts or accounts that are almost never used but contain log data etc. When you have a lot of accounts you can run into issues where you waste time every login sifting though to find the accounts you need. I doubt this is a common problem for most users but those of us in IT we have crazy numbers of accounts sometimes. Being able to quickly distinguish between types of accounts in the list when you go to login would be great.