Focus search field when application window is focused

Forgive me if this is a dupe, but I only saw the request for Firefox.

First, I am really enjoying Bitwarden! Thanks for making a great product!

Something I really like about KeeWeb and 1Password is that when I alt-tab back to their desktop apps, they immediately put the focus in the search box so I can just find what I need and then keyboard navigate to the password I need and then alt+tab back to the application that needs the creds. It is driving me a little crazy trying to mouse into the search box every single time I need to do that.


What app are you referring to?

The desktop app, sorry.

So I tried the windows app today and perhaps it will help explain what I desire in this feature request.

Ctrl+F puts the focus on the search box in Windows app (I’m sure it’s there on Linux, too). I would love the option of that behavior being invoked every time the application window gains focus.

I would add it would be useful if clicking on a type/folder item would also highlight the search box. It would be a bonus if any currently entered text was highlighted so immediate typing would override existing search results.