Flag multiple vault items - batch add custom field

Feature: add an identifying element (e.g.: a custom field) to multiple vault items simultaneously.

This capability could be added to the selected items options dropdown menu (three dots at the right of the top (header) row of the item list) in the vaults tab of the web vault.

Items to be acted on would be selected using the checkbox at the left end of the item listing. An expected common selection method would be checking the “select all” box in the header row after performing a search.

Example use case:

  • Users could create a “to-do list” by adding an identical custom field describing a task to every selected item. These items could then be found by searching for the task description. Once the task is complete for an item, the item can be removed from the “to-do list” by deleting the custom field.
    • Specific use case: User discovers that an email address has been exposed in a data breach. User searches for items containing the exposed email address and adds a custom field with the value “change password” to all of them. Now all items that may be compromised by the breach can be found by searching for “change password”. After changing the password for an item, the “change password” field is deleted from it.