Fix Firefox private mode issue

Hello, I really do like Bitwarden and I don’t want to be the guy that demands and demands however being a Firefox user I would really like to have a better work around for the Firefox extension in private mode. At the moment I am forced to open an none private tab login and then use the context menu from there on out, this means I cannot do the convenient right clicking of the taskbar shortcut for Firefox and open just a private window because I will need to as some point open a regular windows for Bitwarden, it is a very tedious process.

I understand the issue lies with a difference in the API of Firefox and Chromium however Firefox clearly has no intention of ever changing this. Other password manages have clearly used a work around as I have tested this with some others and they seem to work fine in private mode.

So is there any change Bitwarden will add a fix/workaround for the Firefox private mode issue?

As a workaround, you can still fill your passwords with Ctrl + Shift + L. It works even in private mode :slight_smile:


I also use Firefox due to Chromium based browsers running very slow on my work laptop, the private mode issue has bugged me for ages now and would love to see it fixed.

Same issue here, I hate having to open a regular window just to login and then go back to my private window. Bitwarden would be perfect if they fixed the Firefox private mode problem.

I would instantly switch back to Bitwarden if this was fixed.

Yes! please fix the Firefox private mode problem, every other password manager seems to have fixed it.

Firefox is so much smoother on my system, the private mode issue has always annoyed me. Please fix.

I just installed Firefox today for the improved video player and because it uses less resources as Chrome. I just noticed this private issue and it is annoying, I guess if it could be fixed that would be good.

I would love to see this fixed!

Why does this not already work?

You can still right click and fill using the context menu event if the add on won’t open (you have to be logged in).

Currently struggling with this exact problem. Please can @bitwarden fix this.

Just to show that it could be working (Firefox Private Browsing of Bitwarden’s addon and Roboform’s addon) :

Have just tried and the short cut works - thanks for the tip. Just another shortcut to remember - not good for an ageing brain :worried:

The current way of using Bitwarden in Firefox private mode is really tedious, if you aren’t logged in you have to open a normal window, login then use the context menu to auto-fill.

I tested quite a few other password managers and none of them have any issues with Firefox private mode. I read the issue on the Firefox bug tracker however by the looks of things using getBackgroundPage isn’t the only way to access content, other password managers clearly have figured out an alternative.

I also find this slightly annoying, would be awesome if it was fixed!


Has bugged my for a while because I use private mode a lot


I just stopped using Firefox

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I would really like to see this fixed also.

I’d be really pleased if this issue was solved.