Fix display problem with Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium)

The new version of Microsoft Edge, currently in beta, will come to release and finally replace the “classic” Edge by end of year.
Actually very nice to have a fast browser based on open-source engine shared by many others, and free of Google private functions.
Also nice to have, the ability to install Chrome extensions as soon as no Google functions are used.

Of course I loaded Bitwarden extension (1.41.0) a minute after Microsoft Edge Dev installation.
Problem: when in “Search vault” box, a rectangle is shown with the 6 last searches -without user intervention- and this partly hides entries.
To view correctly extension and be able to navigate in content one need to hit Esc. This is very annoying.

To reproduce:
Click the Bitwarden icon in browser : normal display
Click “My Vault” : the rectangle is displayed and hides content
Click “Tab” : the rectangle is displayed and hides content

Conclusion: it’s nice to have search history, but not upfront before any click.

Suggested fix: display search history only after a click in the Search vault box

Hope this makes sense