First impressions (beta version)

Okay here is my user experience report for genuine new user, using beta too.

Okay, user downloads app from Google Play and installs it.

On the very first screen, which unfortunately you don’t let me to take a screenshot of, at the bottom of the screen there is a big continue button but that is cut in half.

You might say well try fixing your Android font size settings and then maybe you’ll be able to see the bottom of the word “continue”. But I’m saying that some users have slightly adjusted their fonts. So your app should be more aware and flexible to be compliant with web accessibility principles.

Okay now let’s try the little wheel cog icon.

At the upper right is the word save. We scroll all the way down the bottom but there’s no button to cancel if we don’t want to save.

We try our cell phone’s built-in back button, but that doesn’t do anything either.
The only way to get out of this settings page without pushing save is too, well, close the app entirely and restart it.

Okay now I’m logging in with my master password. And during the process on my slow internet there’s about a one second where the message logging in disappears and we’re left staring at the previous screen wondering what’s going on. So be sure that message stays there even if it’s a slow computer or cell phone or internet. Needs to stay there until we really have reached the next screen. Sure you might say well what do you expect. Most other sites operate like that. But I’m just saying I’m just giving you the insight into the Minor Details you need to know. You must excuse me because I’m using voice input so it’s sort of capitalizing things out of my control.

Okay, now I’m in the app’s “options” screen. I’m looking for a way to climb back out to the previous menu where I came from. But there’s no familiar left pointing arrow at the top. I guess I’ll just have to try my my cell phone’s back button.

Sure you could say well that’s what the cell phone’s back button is for. But other apps are more friendly.

Okay, now I’m looking around to where I can verify my email address that I gave yesterday. Yeah I know somebody told me where to look but I already forgot it. And nowhere in the menus can I find out where. Therefore I sure hope you guys will be more aggressive on getting people to verify their emails. Even though you might say it doesn’t matter. But some of us just like to do it for old fashioned sake.

So be sure to put ‘verify your email’ in the menu somewhere. Not just have it be a side effect of something else.

Okay I’m back continuing to give you guys valuable first time user insights that you need to pay a million dollars for otherwise.

Okay now I’m on the “generator” page of the app. I see this fun little slider so I just slide it to see what happens and indeed things get pretty long.

And I want to put it back the way it was originally. Good thing I remember it first said 14.
Okay I try to slide it back to 14 but it’s super hard to get it exactly at 14!!
So not only do you need to make it more able to be precisely incremented and decremented. You also definitely need a reset button to restore the default! I mean what if I forgot that it was at 14?

Sure you could say it doesn’t matter. But I just wanted to put things back the way they were before I visited that page. Thank you.

Oh and about that reset button well I guess you need a reset button for each one of those items there on the generator page. Usually those reset buttons are sort of a circular swirl. Then of course you can have an additional reset button inside the three dot menu to reset the whole darn page.
‘Reset all values (on this page) to default.’

Okay now I clicked on something and it’s time to take a little trip out of the app and to the website. Okay I get to the website and I’m logging in with my master password but
first I got it prove that I’m a human. okay I prove that I’m a human but now I’ve got it pick out pictures of pianos. Boy this is feeling more and more professional as we speak. Wonder what the next thing I got it pick out is carrots?

No. Now it’s flowers now I’m being quizzed about flowers and there’s this little hand in the bottom wonder what will happen if I hit the little hand.

Okay I hit the little hand and takes me to the hCaptcha company.

Okay I don’t want to hit the little hand. Boy you guys are lucky I’m not at the airport or in a hurry today.

Okay now it’s totally stuck. Apparently I was taking too much time to give you the play-by-play. And now I’ll just have to close that browser window completely and start all over again. I don’t recall larger corporations having such a rigmarole.

Okay I’m finally in the vault. I know that I had to push the login button and then verify was a human with the check mark, and then push the login button a second time. isn’t that odd.

I noticed at the bottom of the page there are the danger zone features. If they’re so dangerous I’d stick them in a menu where they’re safe from accidental finger touches. Even if they probably have confirm buttons on them.

By the way this page has plenty of white space on it but needs to be rotated to see the full message:

Okay I thought I would just like import my passwords from chrome to b i t w a r d e n. So okay I exported my passwords in Chrome and then shared it with bitwarden, and it ended up in a “Send”.
So perhaps you should detect the name Chrome passwords, and then realize that somebody’s trying to import their passwords. Sure I could poke around to see how to do it the proper way. I’m just saying that the first thing users might try is the improper way.

Okay, sure tools/import.

Okay now our task is to get the passwords out of chrome and into bit warden. The problem here in the Chrome cellphone app is the sharing has very limited possibilities. There is no simple just save to file choice. Here is the exact intent:

Okay. B i t w a r d e n does indeed responded to that intent but it expects it to be a quote send item.

The tool/ import page expects we can hand it a file but sorry we can’t produce a file to hand it to. It’s sitting in “send”. Looks like we’re talking about an actual cut and paste job as the only way. Note I’m talking about trying to do this completely on a cell phone.

Okay amazingly I have gone through a different app to get the whole Chrome passwords into my clipboard. And then I pasted them into the tools / import page and it actually worked. I just want to say that on the tool / import page at the top there should be a count of exactly how many items there are following below it. And also there should be a little searcher bar cuz somebody might have 400 items that flow on and on.

Hey @jidanni thanks for the feedback, just to confirm, you’ve opted into the Beta program through the google play store?

This points you’ve raised sound like user experience feedback more than related to a specific beta release, it is usually best to break topics out with specific themes, for enabling discussion.

Questions can be posed in the Ask the Community category and feature requests/enhancements can be posted in the Feature Requests category.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Yes, Google Play beta.

You guys need a ux group, like
ux - Discourse Meta .

Hey @jidanni you can create a post in either feature requests or ask the community with the user-experience tag.

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