Firefox: Vault locks immediately after unlocking

My vault timeout is set to 4 hours and I’m using the integration with Bitwarden Desktop so I can use Touch ID.

Whenever I unlock the vault in the browser extension after it has been locked for a long period (e.g. at the start of the day), it locks again within a second or two.
This happens one or two more times until it “sticks” and actually stays unlocked until the vault timeout that I set is reached.

Extension: Version 1.55.0
Desktop: Version 1.31.3
Browser: Firefox 97.0.1
OS: macOS 11.6 Big Sur

I was experiencing the same issue using the current version of Chrome (98.0.4758.102). It seems to be some sort of bug for time-based Vault Timeout settings. What I was able to do to resolve it was to change the Vault Timeout setting to one that isn’t time-based, ie. Lock/Log Out on System Lock. This obviously doesn’t fix the underlying issue, but it will keep your vault open while you’re active, at least.


Thanks for the tip @ebesner, this helps as a workaround.

Instead of using a non-time-based lock setting, I tried setting a custom time, and this also seems to prevent the immediate lock.

Good to hear. I was experiencing the immediate lockout while also using a custom time, so that point appears to be inconsistent. Glad it worked out for you.

Unfortunately, the behavior was only transient. I am back to immediate lock, despite custom time setting.

Switching to “Lock until browser restart”, hoping for a quick fix.

I raised an issue: Firefox on macOS: Vault locks immediately after unlocking · Issue #2482 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

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