Firefox reporting that bitwarden is slowing down selection of new site

In changing between sites in firefox, it reports that bitwarden is slowing it down. A message pops up underneath the bookmark tool bar in firefox.
I don’t know what setting in firefox is displaying this message. I never knew firefox could do this.
Delay is not noticeably significant.
Linux firefox version 115.6esr.

Anyone else see this message? thanks, tom kosvic

Hi @tckosvic, I’m a firefox user too and I haven’t experienced this issue. Could you share a screenshot?

This error is also happening to me

Hi @sj-bitwarden, it is also happening to me since last update:

Most of the time, it happens when I am on localhost navigating on a client’s app (which has many inputs and forms).

Version 2024.2.1
Last Updated March 13, 2024
Firefox 124.0.1
MacOs Sonoma 14.4.1 (23E224)