Firefox plugin no longer working (third party back-end)

Since today my firefox plugin is no longer working:
“Network error when attempting to fetch resource”
I am using Firefox 111.0 and my Bitwarden server is a Docker container running on Ubuntu 20.04. The server is using a self signed certificate.
Everything worked fine until today. By the way. The Bitwarden Desktop app never worked in this environment.

Hello @dikleinsc and welcome to the community,

Do you happen to know what version of the server you are running?
Also if you are using a self-signed cert, do you know if you added this to your devices trust store?

The server is ‘vaultwarden/server:1.26.0’. What do you mean with ‘trust store’? All I needed so far was to tell Firefox to trust this certificate. The only change since yesterday is the upgrade of Firefox to 111.0 from 110.0.1.

By the way the problem occurs on Windows 10.

We don’t provide support for Vaultwarden here, since that is a separate product from Bitwarden. You may want to try asking your question here.

But the problem occurs because of a change of the client (Firefox 110.0.1 → 111.0 and your plugin).
With Firefox 110.0.1 it still works.

Bitwarden can only provide support for their product and ensure compatibly with their service.

As Vaultwarden is a 3rd party server it is best to reach out and get support within the correct community for this issue, especially being that it only affects Vaultwarden and is not related to a bug in Bitwarden.

While not often or intentional, there have been several instances in the past where a Bitwarden update or change in the client will “break” how the expected behavior runs with a 3rd party unofficial service.
It will be up to the dev team at Vaultwarden to work on a fix to try and make their server compatible with the new client.