Firefox on Mac - Auto Fill & Right Click + Copy credentials very spotty

Over the past week the bit warden extension’s auto fill function within firefox has been very unreliable. In addition, when I right click and attempt to copy and paste the credentials in it is as if the information I copied never was saved to the clipboard and thus I cannot paste it into the new location. Current extension version on firefox: 1.55.0

Any information would be helpful - Thanks!

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Strange - I am running the latest Firefox on my Macs using the same version of the Bitwarden extension, and I have not noticed any issues whatsoever. Version 1.55 of the extension has not changed in months, which leads me to suspect that something else on your Mac is affecting things. Have you done a full shutdown, wait one minute, and restarted your Mac lately (and potentially clear the SMC if you are on an older Intel-based Mac)? This usually fixes weird issues like this.

Having same issue but with ONLY BitWarden 1.55 add-on for Firefox on Linux. On Chrome and Brave on Linux, all works fine (technically extensions and running on Chromium so not 100% exact comparison) .

I use Linux as daily driver but I got on my Windows machine and on there, 1.55 works perfectly fine in Firefox as well as any other browser.

The web vault works fine in Firefox in Linux. I’ve reloaded it all, cleared everything, disabled every security option that could possibly get in extensions way, and no luck. Nice to hear I am not the only one but I hope to see it fixed soon. Especially on Firefox :confused: . Their add-ons usually are last to get updated since only few of us left.