Firefox on Linux keeps asking to "Update login for"

Using Bitwarden from a browser, I’ve run across this dangerous and annoying behavior: Every time I save or even cancel Bitwarden’s “Edit Item” subwindow, Firefox asks if I want to “Update login for” and if I’m not careful, it will create or replace a saved password for, using whatever password exists for the record I happen to have been editing. It seems like the field in that edit window must have a password tag that’s triggering Firefox to offer the save/update option.

Does anyone have a clue what’s happening, and how to suppress that behavior? I don’t mind saving a few site passwords in Firefox, but I clearly don’t want it wrongly asking if I want to save a new password for the Bitwarden website every time.

Sorry if this is redundant, but I searched for the message I quoted above, and didn’t see anything here in the community forum.

Running Firefox 105.0.1 under Fedora 36.

Its is recommended that you disable your browser’s native password manager if using Bitwarden. Instructions for doing so are available here:

Ok, understood - thanks for the quick feedback!