Firefox login then immediately logs out issue

Hello Bitwarden community,

I am having trouble with Firefox allowing me to login and stay logged in on the extension.

I loaded both the Windows 10 Bitwarden app and the Firefox extension on my desktop. I set Vault Time Out in Security to Lock after 30 minutes in the extension settings AND in the Windows program so when I leave my desktop, no one can get to my critical info from either ‘location’. But if it does lock after 30 minutes, and when I come back to Firefox and tell it to unlock (using Unlock with biometrics checked / fingerprint method) it asked for my fingerprint scan, accepts it and shows it unlocks (by the change in the menubar icon) but then right away locks after about a second. I try again to unlock it, go through the same steps and it repeats itself. And again, and again. I usually have to reboot the computer to get it to unlock in Firefox. Does anyone know what is not set up correctly? Or is this a bug? I have even gone back to the desktop Bitwarden first, unlocked it (set for Unlock with Windows Hello/Ask for Windows Hello on launch/start with bootup) , then went back to Firefox and still have this issue.

Thank you.

Frank in Michigan

Hey Frank, have you tried disabling/enabling or reinstalling the extension?

Hi. No, I haven’t. But I will give that a try since I don’t have any other idea what to do. Should I also remove and reinstall the Windows ‘app’? Or just start with the extension in Firefox?

What version is the desktop app?

Version 2022.11.0
Shell 19.0.8
Renderer 102.0.5005.148
Node 16.14.2
Architecture x64

And the Firefox extension is 2022.10.1 server version 2022.11.1. Firefox version is 106.0.2

Thanks for confirmation, if removing and reinstalling the browser extension doesn’t resolve the issue, open a ticket with the support team at

OK. Will do. But is it correct that I should set the VAULT TIMEOUT to 30 minutes and VAULT ACTION to LOCK in both the extension AND the desktop app? Or is that what is causing the weird actions in Firefox? I want to lock down both ways to get my data if I leave my computer and thought that is what needs to be done.

And do I really need the desktop app running if I have the Firefox extension? I do what to use my fingerprint to unlock the vault and have no reason to access the vault outside of a web browser…


Frank in Michigan

It did not fix the problem. I did make a short video showing what it does. And now rebooting isn’t helping/making it work again :frowning:

This seems to be an ongoing issue in FireFox for some users. There is a GitHub bug report (Issue #2482), and another community post (with similar issues reported by @buddyj , @ebesner, and @christophberger). I have seen some possibly related issues reported on Reddit, as well (e.g., here). I hope the dev Team can get to the bottom of it.

I hope so too. I like Firefox the best.

Twice now I found that if I am fast enough, I can unlock the vault with my fingerprint and then quickly get to the vault contents by clicking on the icon. Then, if I go to settings, make no charge, and back out, it will stay unlocked. However, if I forego opening settings, it will lock again. And I do nothing with the desktop app - it remains locked.

Not sure if this is a helpful piece of info or how reproducible it is as I only did this ‘trick’ tonight. I will play around more with the various permutations to see if there is a pattern…

Frank in Michigan

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