Firefox Extension Quit Working with YubiKey

When logging in from the Firefox with the Bitwarden extension I enter click on “Log In”, enter my master p/w, I am then prompted to insert and touch my Yubikey. When I do this I get the message “An error has occurred, i is undefined”.

If I got to the Bitwarden webpage everything works just fine when I touch my Yubikey.

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Hello @TAC

I would first try to log out of the browser extension entirely and try to log back in to see if that works with your Yubikey.
If not you may try to uninstall and reinstall the browser extension, though you may need to set some client specific settings back such as vault timeout, etc.

Thanks Kent, uninstalling and reinstall the browser extension did the trick.

I hope I don’t have to do that very often!

Glad to hear that worked! I have rarely had to either fully log out or uninstall/reinstall a client app for Bitwarden.

I want to say the only time has been typically after major updates, possibly the addition of new features or how the client interacts with the encrypted vault has slightly changed and caused some strange behavior.

Thankfully to say it’s very few and far between I want to say I have had to do that maybe once or twice to fix some odd issues here and there over the several years I’ve been using the product.