Firefox extension problems on Windows 11


I’m having a couple of really annoying issues with the Firefox extension:

  • When I log in, the extension spins and spins but doesn’t display any of the passwords. It’s as if it’s trying to connect to the cloud (?) but nothing gets through. The desktop app works. Extension version is 2024.4.2.
  • The second problem is that biometrics login doesn’t work. It keeps saying it’s not configured, but it is. It works with Brave and Chrom and it also worked with WIndows 10. It just does not work with Win 11.

I’ve learned to live with the second one, but the first one is very annoying. If someone has faced this and found a fix, please let me know!



Unfortunately, the first one is an ongoing problem with FF extension:

You can try the unreliable workarounds that people used. As for myself, I am using FF 115ESR with BW 2024.4.1 without any problem. If the workarounds on github doesn’t work, maybe you could try downgrading to 2024.4.1.

As for using Biometrics, it looks like in version 2024.5.0, BW will require the desktop app to be unlocked before you can use Biometric unlock in the extension as an interim solution to a yet-unclear security problem. So, unless you are OK with that, maybe you won’t miss out too much:

The spinning wheel seems to be intermittent. Today it works. I don’t think I rebooted, nor did I restart Firefox. I don’t know. Weird.

My BW app is always unlocked before I use anything. If it isn’t unlocked, I’m pretty sure the extension doesn’t work on Chrome and Brave. But for Firefox-based browsers (I use Firefox and Waterfox) it never works.

Oh well. Let’s see what the next version brings.