Firefox Extension Not Loading Data Properly

(First noticed in version 2022.12.1). I’m not sure what triggers this, but after using the Firefox extension for a bit (editing, changing passwords, etc.) Bitwarden starts to not load vault item data properly in view mode.

Top part displays fine

  • Username
  • Password
  • Website

Lower part does not display data:

  • Notes
  • Folder
  • Custom fields
  • The bottom buttons (move to org, delete, etc.)

If I click Edit some of the fields display properly at that point, but I cannot select a folder (it behaves as if there are no folders to display/select).

Firefox once issue appears:

Chrome for the same vault item:

Restarting Firefox fixes it, but it came back after using it a while.

Hi @sclark, sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem! It appears to be related to Firefox browser extention on MacOS has error can't access dead object · Issue #3918 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

Our Engineering team has already started working on that issue and will post any updates or resolution to GitHub when available.

Glad to hear they’re aware and working on it!

I’m using Firefox on Windows 10. So it may not be limited to MacOS if it is the same thing.