Firefox extension login problems

Firefox 126
Bitwarden extension version 2024.4.2

Vault timeout set to “On browser restart”. Despite this, extension logs out at least once a day without browser restart.

On logging back in, using “log in with device”, login appears to work, but vault never loads (spinning circle).

After clicking “Lock now” and logging back in with master password, vault loads correctly.



The logout problem has been reported on 2024.4.1 but seems to be worse on 2024.4.2: Firefox Bitwarden extensions constantly logging me out · Issue #8873 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub (also )

The endless spinner problem started with 2024.4.2: Endless Loading Spinner - Firefox Extension · Issue #9253 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

I am on 2024.4.1 with FF 115ESR, with timed lock, and I don’t get locked out at all.


Hi, yeah I am seeing the same issue as well. I just replied to another post on this forum about this same issue. I also contacted support directly detailing this issue. Hopefully they can fix it soon!