Firefox Extension: First Search after opening the popup swallows characters


I have a weird and quite jarring behaviour when I open the popup for the first time and searching for an entry.
After typing a few letters (2-4 depending on my typing speed), the search input box “resets” (or clears itself) for a short duration and then fills it self again. When typing at that time, one or two typed characters will disappear.

This means, that when i want to search for an entry with the name of “stanley” and start typing “stan”, the second character (“a”) gets swallowed while the input is reset and I end up searching for “stn”.

This happens only when I open the popup for the first time, which is how I use the search for 99% of the time.

This gif illustrates the point:


Has someone experienced the same problem?

Thank you.

Hi @inhji and welcome to the community.

This issue has previously been reported and is currently being tracked over at Problem with dropped letters/keypresses when Searching vault from Browser extension (debounce) · Issue #2371 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

Please add any further information, if your setup/workflow differs, from what has already been reported by others.

Greetings from Germany

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