Firefox extension doesn't remember new credentials or updates passwords

I searched and found a few articles dating back more than a year about BW browser extension (Firefox Mac OS in this case) that doesn’t add new credentials (some sites) or doesn’t update newly generated passwords. Even on this community website, BW didn’t create a new login entity!

Any idea when and if this will ever be fixed? This is one of the only reasons I am using a password manager.

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Interesting. I use Firefox and haven’t noticed this problem.

I’ve tried various websites and it’s the same experience. If I go to a password reset page for instance and need to type the old password BW will fill the old and new fields with the old password. This doesn’t happen with other apps such as LP or NordPass which I’m trying out.
When I generate a new password I need to manually copy and paste it to the new password fields.
Once I save the changes BW doesn’t ask or updates the changes.
For me it’s not a big deal but I won’t set a family account for this product.

@Migo33 - you should be using the Bitwarden browser extension if you want this functionality. The Bitwarden desktop app is not meant to do this for you.

I am using the extension.

Then I have not experienced this behaviour either. Sorry - it sounded like you were using the desktop app. Adding and retreiving (auto-filling) from the extension should be automatic.

I just started using Bitwarden and have the same issue with Firefox and the Bitwarden extension. I’m using Firefox 96.0.1 and the extension is version 1.55.0. Using the Edge browser and extension everything seems to work as advertised.

I found my error with the Firefox Bitwarden extension when setting up Bitwarden on my wife’s computer. I didn’t notice it the first time, but when setting up a PIN code for the extension, there is a checkbox to require the master password when the browser is closed. Unchecking the box allows the PIN to be used without having to enter the master password.
As I mentioned before, I’m just starting with Bitwarden. This has taught me to pay closer attention to what I’m doing. There are a few more steps in the set up that I needed to slow down and read during setup.

Thanks @Mhrtry
Yes, you can set up a pin or biometric which is what I am using. However, that doesn’t mitigate the issue of updating passwords using the generator or sometimes just the wrong URI. All in all I learned to live with these nuances and it’s only a nuance if you used something more ‘friendly’ like LastPass or 1Password etc.