Firefox extension bug. Vault lock settings ignored on exit

For some reason for past few days by Firefox BW extension has started to lock one every close of the browser forcing an unlock after every restart. It has never done this before and I had not altered any settings. This effects both Win7 machines as well as my Win10 machine. It does not appear this bug effects Chrome.

I have lock set to NEVER but then I close and open browser and withing a second it locks itself.

This is not acceptable as I develop web sites and frequently close and open browser in process of checking changes as that clears all cached history.

Since settings are same in both Chrome and FF I have to assume a bug in the FF extension where it refuses to honor my settings.


I had that same problem to with using it on firefox. What I did was I removed that add-on which is currently at v1.56.6 and installed it previous old version v1.55.0. Then it worked. So it something to do with it current firefox add-on version.

Found older on mozilla thanks