[Firefox] Browser Extension Defaults to Showing Cards First [Irksome for Prying Eyes!]]

Hi all,

Just started using BW Personal and altho a little cumbersome at times I’m pretty happy with it so far.

I’m only accessing the online vault directly (www), as required, otherwise I’m using the Firefox browser extension, which gives me pretty much everything I’ve needed thus far. Nothing else BW installed.

However, having added some payment cards to my vault I’m now finding that they are immediately on display every time I open the BW extension by clicking on its Bookmark icon. It also happens in BW sidebar and its quite irksome if any prying eyes are about!

Seems like the extension opens in “Tab” view mode (rather than My Vault, Send, Generator or Settings) every time its started.

I’ve tried creating folders and moving the payment entries therein but I get the same behaviour.

I haven’t worked out what the “Tab” icon actually does yet but I prefer the “My Vault” view instead where at least the folder contents are not immediately on display.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is there anything I can do to change this behaviour?

Any/all help appreciated,


Hi @Loo and welcome to the community.

In the browser extension go to Settings → Options and then check the option ‘Don’t Show Cards on Tab Page’. This hides the cards.

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Hi @djsmith85,

Thanks for your good steer - how easy was that!

Will try to make future posts a bit more challenging!!!




Glad I could help that quickly.

Keep them posts coming :slight_smile:

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FMI, what is the Tab actually for? I cant see any practical use for it (yet)?

In the browser extension it displays the items that you are most likely to want to autofill: matching login credentials, cards, and identities - I find it incredibly handy to have all of these right there when you open the extension so that you can just click on one to automatically paste the info into a web form/login.

Hi @dh024,

Good to know - I’ll keep an eye on that.



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