Firefox autofill Fastmail password fails

When I use Safari to login to everything is working just fine. When I login with Firefox, the 2FA code is filled where the password should. Does anyone know why and how to fix this? Is this a know issue?

I had a look at the login page, and it uses rather unconventional names for the form fields, so I think Bitwarden is having trouble guessing which field is for the password.

You should be able to overcome this by creating a Linked Custom Field within your login item for

Open your login item in Edit mode, then scroll down to the bottom of the dialog to CUSTOM FIELDS. Create a New Custom Field of the type Linked. Once created, then make the name of the custom field v17-input and make sure the dropdown for the custom field is set to Password (not Username). Save, and it should work.

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 1.06.18 PM

Thanks for the help.

Iā€™m still confused why it s working in Safari and Edge though with the same entry.

Yes, me too. Perhaps it has something to do with the difference between how the browsers process 2FA or render the page?