Firefox auto-lock doesn't work

I’m trying BitWarden a bit and I installed firefox plugin in order to use autofill in browser. Since I’m at work, I’ve setted auto-lock to 1 minute to avoid that my collegues can see all my passwords.
I waited for 3-4 minutes without use the pc but BitWarden never locked my wallet. Am I wrong something? It was open only the panel.
Using the “valut” website, instead, lock my wallet correctly after 1 minute as I set the settings.

thank you in advance for your support, have a great day!

As long as you actively have the extension window open (side bar or popup window) it will not lock. The countdown timer starts whenever you close out of the extension interface.

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Thank you so much for your reply!
I had a sidebar opened in one of my many windows and the countdown didn’t start. I apologize for that, it’s my fault!
I have also a suggestion: could be useful to force the countdown’s start despite of the state of pop-up or sidebar? It would be like the behaviour of “vault” website.

Many thanks another time,
best regards!

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I have finished this: