Firefox Android addon not syncing automatically


I noticed that the Firefox Android addon is not syncing automatically and I need to go to settings → sync each time I want to sync my passwords.

Hi @mimi89999,

Automatic sync might fail if you have disabled background data for the app and/or if you have battery optimization enabled on the app. I would go into your app settings and check both.

If that’s not it, it could be a network issue with the Bitwarden push servers. Try changing networks (e.g., wifi, cellular data, VPN, friend’s wifi, etc.) to see if that makes a difference.

For what its worth, I use an Android phone and auto sync with Bitwarden is nearly flawless.

Let us know how you make out! Cheers.


Do you mean the Bitwarden Android app from the Play Store or the Firefox Android (Fenix) addon?

I have used both the Android app and the extension for Firefox (downloaded via Android Firefox app).

Can you clarify if your using cloud or self-hosted.

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