Firefox Addon Help

I installed Bitwarden on my new W10 laptop and then installed the Firefox (FF) addon. The addon is installed but does not show up on the extension bar in FF. If I right click on a site to log in the context menu states the app is locked but it won’t open when I click on the link.

I’ve uninstalled both the app and addon several times now but it’s still not working. Not sure what’s wrong as it works perfectly on my main pc with W10. I’ve got all the latest updates and drivers installed.

Forgot to mention but I’m not using private mode.

You probably don’t have “run in private windows” selected. Click on the three bars in the upper right corner of FF. Go to Add ons and then go to your BW addon. Select options and I am betting you do not currently have “private windows” selected. If you check mark (allow) that option and then close FF and re-mount it you should see the BW option. Candidly I only use Linux but I am assuming the FF extension works the same on Windows. Try it and let us know how it goes. You are not the first person to experience this my friend.

ps - you could always glance at your working FF browser on the other Win 10 computer before changing anything on the non-working one. Again, I bet you will see that you allowed private windows during installation on that machine. Just another quick idea.

Thanks for the reply but I have already tried this setting with the check mark both on and off. I have the same settings as on my main PC but it’s still not working.

I installed the latest Edge browser and the addon works perfectly so looks like FF will be binned for the time being.

Strange. Working perfectly on my Debian systems. Must be a Windows thing somehow.