Firefox Add-on in sidebar hangs after launch of browser

I posted this topic in User-to-User Support but it should be moved to Feature Requests because it appears to require a change.

Feature name

Firefox Add-on in sidebar hangs after launch of browser.

Feature function

If Firefox (92.0.1 (64-bit)) is closed with the add-on visible in the sidebar, the add-on hangs when the browser next launches (see image below). It is necessary to select a different option in the sidebar, e.g. Bookmarks then select Bitwarden to display the login/unlock fields. Otherwise the add-on in the sidebar remains unusable in a hang state. This occurs when the browser is launched following a restart of the device. Therefore, the initial user experience is that Bitwarden cannot be unlocked.

Related topics + references

Hi @MrFaff! This looks more like a regression issue/defect than a new feature. I’m going to close this thread and point folks to your support topic.

If you’d like, you can reach out to our CS Team to help troubleshoot, and if it is determined to be an issue with Bitwarden, we’ll open an issue tracker on GitHub (where we track issues/bugs/etc): Issues · bitwarden/browser · GitHub