Fingerprint rereads/retries too fast

Phone: Fairphone FP3
Build: 8901.4.A.0019.1 release-keys
Android: 11

When unlocking Bitwarden, I often don’t get my finger on the sensor quite right first time, and the unlock fails. This would be OK if Bitwarden were a bit less eager to retry, but it seems somewhat hyperactive. Within seemingly half a second, as I desperately try to adjust my finger on the readeer, it’s retried sufficient times to lock out the sensor and require a passcode instead.

This seems almost certainly a Bitwarden problem since I don’t have the same issue with other apps such as banking. In fact I’m left surprised that they “just work”.

Can we have a bit more delay between re-reads please? This would make bitwarden a lot more convenient to use.

And following a successful unlock, a bit more feedback on the screen to indicate that vault unlock has been successful, perhaps by hiding the “unlock” buttons. My phone isn’t the fastest and I’m sometimes left waiting and wondering at that point too. The UX here isn’t the best it could be.