Fingerprint on Windows desktop failure

I got a USB fingerprint scanner for my Win11 computer and it works fine in Windows Hello to login to WIndows. I can’t get it to work with Bitwarden desktop.

If I have settings to unlock with WIndows Hello and Ask for Hello on app start, I get a finger scan prompt, but my finger does not do anything. It just sits there.

But if I set to unlock with Windows Hello and Require pass or PIN, then the Chrome app says desktop app it not setup.


I’ve followed the BW videos on how this should go, but they seem outdated. For example, my desktop app login doesn’t look like this:



Regarding unlocking with Window Hello on the desktop app, after you scan your finger, try clicking on the prompt windows. This usually works for me, i.e. the prompt goes away and the desktop app unlocks. It is some sort of quirk/bug.

Regarding the extension, do your settings in the desktop app have the option “Allow browser integration” checked, and the extension have the option “Unlock with biometrics” checked?

When I start the app, I’m already logged in, but I need to enter master password to unlock it. In the app, Account | Fingerprint Phrase does show a string, so it must be aware that I have a reader. But as I stated, it never asks for my fingerprint when it’s set to “Require password…”.

If I change to “Ask for Windows Hello on app start” (which is not recommended), it DOES ask for a fingerprint, but that popup message does not close when I scan my finger. BUT if I close the message, I AM unlocked but the extension still can’t be enabled.

“Allow Browser Integration” is checked in the app. But I can’t select “Unlock with biometrics” in the extension and it still tells me “Browser integration not set up”;

Amazing that BW works so well on my Android with biometrics.

FYI, this is completely unrelated to biometric unlock methods. The account’s “fingerprint phrase” is just a unique identifier for your account; your account would have a “fingerprint phrase” even if you never ever tried to use a biometric fingerprint reader with any of your Bitwarden apps.

Hi @wysocki To me this sounds like a bug, so I’d reach out to our Support Team for more investigation.