Fingerprint Log In for Firefox Android Mobile Extension

Please Please add and option to log in using a fingerprint in the Firefox android mobile extension.

Typing a LONG master password out on a mobile phone keyboard every time Firefox restarts is TEDIOUS.

Thank You

I don’t think this is possible.

Anything is possible :grin:

I thought I had read that lastpass and some others can already do this with something called a binary component ?

If I am wrong is there any other way around typing my 34 character password every time i reopen firefox mobile ?

Great work with bitwarden so far btw I am loving it apart from what i mentioned. I only joined last night and upgraded to premium almost straight away

For anyone who is interested I have now abandoned firefox mobile and gone with a fairly new AWESOME browser called Kiwi Browser.

What is Kiwi Browser ?

  • Kiwi Browser is a Chromium Canary that includes performance improvements and adblock .

The bitwarden android app integrates with it perfectly, I just click a password field and bitwarden pops up in my notification bar (android 7.0)

I can now use my fingerprint :grinning: