Fingerprint for vault export

Hi all…for sure I’m stupid.
I forgot the master password… (Not used very often)
The thing is that I can access my vault through my phone thanks to the fingerprint.
Can be possible to allow the app to export the vault using the fingerprint … so we can delete the account and start over again?

You should be able to export the vault from the device under Settings > Tools > Export Vault.

Apologies @Nikolai_Ortiz

You are correct, the master password is required on export from the apps. We’ll keep this open as a feature request.

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Two simple ideas:

  1. create a login or secure note and SAVE your master password in that entry. For the future IF you forget your MP and yet have access to your vault via Android, etc… you can view the password and use it by accessing that specific vault item.

  2. You will be able to regain access to the vault completely IF you saved the recovery code BW offers. If you have it (recovery code) then open the vault and reset as needed.

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Option 1. Yes… I’m stupid.

About option 2.
I didn’t get that option about a code…

About the feature request: The ability to make a backup using the fingerprint would help without compromise the security.

@OpSec, regarding option 2. are you referring to 2FA recovery code?

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Hi OpSec,
the option number 2 that you say wich recovery code is?

Sorry, that was for the loss of your 2FA method NOT for a complete vault recovery!