Fingerprint authentication in autofill service on mobile

It would be a lot more convenient if we could use fingerprint authentication right away when the autofill service popup/tooltip is on screen to unlock my vault and see our available logins.

Instead, currently you have to tap on the popup/tooltip, wait as the Bitwarden app pulls up on the whole screen, place your fingerprint to unlock your vault, then only select your login.

This seems like a very obvious feature and I am surprised it is not the case. The absence of this features hurts user experience severely. Nonetheless, I hope this issue can be taken note of. Thank you.

(as I’ve seen on GitHub, this feels like more of a “bug” than feature request)

I would think this as a security feature. Applications have overlay permissions etc. I would like to confirm I’m scanning my fp for fir the right application.

Also I don’t think you can request the android authentication api without the application being active and in the foreground

On iOS, I don’t think this is possible. You may have been talking about Android but you didn’t mention it.

On iOS you have to tap the password auto-fill or key (“other options” I guess) button to get to your password manager app and only then can it request biometric authentication. Apple doesn’t allow apps to request biometric auth in the background like that.

If the website is recognized, it should autofill.

Here are a couple of new articles about iOS / Android