Finally my big problem solved

I have been using Bitwarden for a long time. During this time, I had a very strange problem that was very complicated for me to understand.
When I wanted to save a password in Bitwarden, I first copied the password to my clipboard and then opened the Bitwarden website and entered the information through the Bitwarden extension. But when I created a new item and pasted my clipboard, a strange six-digit number was pasted and there was no password.

Until one day I accidentally realized that every time we log in through the Bitwarden extension, Bitwarden automatically saves the TOTP code to our clipboard so that we can log in to the systems that have TOTP more easily.

So, thank you Bitwarden for this complicated scenario and same time, very interesting and practical feature :smiley:

You can also disable this behavior by unchecking the check box for “Copy TOTP Automatically” in Settings > Options in the browser extension.

Bitwarden will now also transfer TOTP codes using auto-fill (e.g., using the Ctrl+Shift+L), although this feature is relatively new and does not yet work on every website.

By the way, a more robust workflow for saving passwords in Bitwarden is to start by editing the item in the Bitwarden browser extension (including using the built-in generator to create a strong password), saving the item, and then using auto-fill to transfer the generate password into the web form.

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