Filter login by Firefox container in the extension

When autofilling a login in the browser extension, the extension already finds the login by domain matching.

It would be great to also be able to further narrow down the matching depending on what container the current tab belongs to.

For example, I have a “Personal” container, and a “Work” container. Both are logged into their respective personal and work Google accounts.

Right now, I have two Bitwarden logins for these google accounts. But the extension doesn’t understand containers, so it always tries to autofill the personal one, even if I’m in the work container.

I understand that we don’t want to add a specific field just for the Firefox extension, as it doesn’t make sense in other browsers and clients. But we could easily teach the Firefox extension to obey a custom field, if we define what that is.

For example, how about a “Container” or “Firefox Container” text field, where the value is matched against the container in the current tab. If Firefox is not using any containers, it’s ignored. The container name matching could be an exact match to begin with, and we could later extend it to a substring search or a pattern match, if we really need to.

Agreed. Also, autofill should respect containers.

Related docs:

This would be an amazing feature, I wish we also see it at some point :slight_smile:

Created a fourm account just for this. Would be so useful to simply filter the current tab page down depending on the container.

I have the exact same problem as the OP, but instead of adding a field just for that, I’m okay with Bitwarden simply loading different data (from browser storage APIs) according to the container of the current tab in Firefox. This would also make switching between accounts more practical for those of us who have both a personal Bitwarden account and a business account.

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