Filling in address information

I find BitWarden’s support for filling in address information inferior to say LastPass’ support. When I’m at a web form that requires my address information it is not at all clear to me how to do that. I had an entry in LastPass that I called “A Default”. I started it with A so that it would float to the top. I can find this in BitWarden but I have to scroll past my Credit Cards. In LastPass the right-click menu would include things like “A Default” so I could quickly fill in my address information on any web form. BitWarden does not list “Identities” on the right-click menu. It should. It’d be convenient.

Sorry to hear that you are disappointed that Bitwarden is not a clone of the LastPass user interface. But I think that is to be expected when you move from one piece of software to another one.

So Bitwarden presents the information differently, which I get that you don’t like. But I have to ask Andrew, just how many credit cards do you have entered in BW that it is cumbersome to scroll through them all to reach your identities? :slight_smile:

Does it really matter? I am not complaining that BitWarden is not a 1 to 1 clone of LastPass - I’m merely suggesting a better way to do it. I have 7 credit cards since you asked. As such it’s a scroll. If I didn’t have to scroll at all it’d be less of a problem. Is it a major problem? No, it’s a 1st world problem. What I do expect is that a good suggestion is respected instead of challenged. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. Adding it to the right-click menu would be an advantage and really should be the only thing that an enhancement request should need, don’t you agree?

No, I like the clean, elegant interface of BW far more than the jumbled, cluttered interface of LastPass. I really don’t want to see Bitwarden become LastPass, which is what would happen if every LastPass user’s feature requests were implemented.

My point is that you state that “your way” is better, as if it is matter of a fact, but every preference is just personal choice. So, you are most welcome to add your feature request, but expect push back if some disagree.

It might make more sense if we could use our votes to down-vote a suggestion rather than having to add a response, but unfortunately that’s not an option.

Then make it optional and turn the option off for yourself. You are not everybody who uses this. I’m not asking for EVERY LastPass option to be implemented in BitWarden, despite your hyperbole here. I did not state that my way was better, I said it was a good suggestion - one worthy of at least consideration instead of outright condemnation. IOW I think it’s a better way but I could be wrong. Why do you twist my words? Realize that if every preference is a personal choice then your preference is likewise a personal choice is it not? Instead of just striking it down why don’t you just let it be discussed? I expect a push back in the form of rational reasons why I am wrong, not blanket statements and unwarranted allogations that I want BitWarden to become a LastPass clone. IOW what do others, other than dh024, think?

I am not condemning your suggestion, and I apologize if I came across that way - I am merely expressing my opinion as well. And I genuinely hope everyone interested will express their opinion after weighing the pros and cons. :+1:

My gut reaction would be to respond with “sure you are condemning my suggestion” but I will try to be bigger about this. I re-read your comment and am I trying to look at it in the light of you just expressing your opinion. Forgive me for assuming otherwise.

Let’s see what others say. Personally I don’t think it clutters up the interface that much as 1) I don’t think many use the right-click menu and 2) really it should not contain but one, perhaps two, address “cards”. IIRC in LastPass, I saw several things there but when you think about it, any particular user probably has only one home address, maybe a work address and for those few, a PO Box. So it’s one additional menu entry on the right-click menu that maybe cascades to a submenu IFF there is more than one “Identity”. I just imported my LP stuff into BW and in general, I’m happy with it and realize I may have to learn more different ways of doing things. Still, I was surprised by the lack of any identity entries on the right-click menu.