Fill username no working on ABS125

This website requires you to enter your username and password on separate pages. Normally, BW can fill them one by one. However, on the ABS125 website, you can only enter the password and not the username. 1Password works fine in this case.

Website: ABS125


Define two custom fields of the “Linked” type. Set the name of the first custom field to Enter your username and link it to your Username. Set the name of the second custom field to Enter your password and link it to your Password.

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I wonder if this method could also be used to fill “Security Questions”. If I need to fill two security questions, and inspect HTML and find they named “Answer 1” and “Answer 2”. Can I create custom fields somehow to autofill them?

It all depends on how the HTML input fields have been coded on the website in question. In the username/password fields for the ABS site, the input field tags used the aria-label attribute (containing the values “Enter your username” and “Enter your password”, respectively), which is one of the attributes that can be used for custom field names.

So, yes, if the HTML input tags for your security questions contain id, name, aria-label, or placeholder attributes specifying a unique (and un-changing) value, then this can be used to define a corresponding custom field for autofilling.