Field References (Ability to set different usernames for different websites using the same password)

You put the IP in.

I don’t understand what your problem is.

If I use the same username and password for,,, and

If I reuse it because of AD. Then I can call the item “AD logins” and it will auto-fill on all 4 sites.

Why should I call it Jira when the actual thing I am logging into is AD. Which then let’s me into Jira.

I agree with Saul,
In enterprise environment, we also use password manager as bookmark manager, ideal when there is new joiner in the team.
Also It would be usefull to use personal stored credential for shared item. In my case we have more than 600 URL to manage, in one entry it will be a mess.

As I was typing out my question for my challenge I am encountering this thread came up as a possible match. I believe I have the same challenge as the OP.
Since there seems to be confusion on the replies let me try to state this a slightly different way:

I am wondering if there is a way to ‘en-mass’ change all passwords in a domain, for all of the sub domains that I have an entry for?
I ask because I have approximately 20 entries for a particular subdomain (enterprise) and when I change the password for the main domain, I would like there to be a way to automatically update the passwords in all of the sub domains entries that I have instead of me having to manually update each individual entry one at a time.
As an example: if my domain that I have entries for is abcd dot com and I change the password for that, then all of the sub domain passwords would need to be changed as well like www.abcd dot com/123, www.abcd dot com/124, etc

Is there a setting in bitwarden that already does this? If not i would like to see this as a feature
Thank you

I would like to jump in here and throw my agreement for the suggestion from @VMX

This has popped up in other places on these forums.

In my case, it’s connected to my post-secondary login. Almost every utility with a dedicated login is passed through to the institute-hosted Azure ActiveDirectory for SSO with the form [email protected] - this is what I have saved in the Vault. However, there is a single hosted application that requires the format jdoe - i.e. strip the domain portion from the login.

This account is still synchronised to the AAD, so it is not a separate entry and will be updated if I change the account password. I don’t want to record it as a separate entry, and get a) warnings about password re-use and b) have it fall out of sync every time I change my password.

I have used a custom field but the “Copy Custom Field Name” function detects the field name from the web page as 'Account' which is … not very unique. Autofill gets confused on other applications in the same domain where the field has the same name but expects the default [email protected] username.

This issue could be resolved by either:

  • Having an “Additional Username” field that has an associated URI - this could be a type of Custom Field, where the “Name” is the unique username, and the stored field is the unique URI.
    This would be the easiest to implement technically as it requires a change to the autofill function but not the vault
  • Adding a whole new “Additional Username” field under the main username item, with the option to add multiple URIs to each additional username.
    This would be the most user-friendly and more complete solution, but technically more challenging/expensive as it would require a re-work of the Vault.

With guest accounts in several Azure ADs that all have a different TOTP this is becoming a pain to manage. The password stays the same but the TOTP code is different for every tenant…

I was going to request, what I think, is this same feature. OP is a little more vague, and the feature request guide says to be specific. I also see that several people have created feature requests that have been merged into this one. This was going to be my feature request:

Dynamic cross-item referencing/linking

Ability to link values to another items value, so the value would almost act as a variable

What would this look like?
When setting the value for custom fields, or perhaps even a new item type of “Linked Item” you could select another items value. You cannot change the value from this link. Selecting the value would instead link you to the referenced item where you could change it there. The value does not even have to show the actual value, but can simply be a link to where it will pull the value from. In an organization, the user would have to have access to both items to see/use the value.

Why do we need this?
This helps keep it DRY (don’t repeat yourself). This can be used in any number of circumstances where users may need to change two or more values to the same thing, but they would have to change each one individually.

I have a school account where blackboard uses the portion without the portion of the email, but the password is linked to the email account. I have two login items, one for the email and one for blackboard, but the passwords are always the same. If I change the password, I need to change it in both places for it to be correct. If this were implemented, I would instead link the blackboard password to my school email password where I would now only need to change it once.

In an organization, if you wanted to utilize Bitwarden for secure notes, you could include what key accesses what rooms. I may want to have a list of rooms, and what key is used to get into that room. I would also like to include what key ring number that key can be found on. If key #10 gets into five different rooms, I could have a listing for each room that says key #10 is on “Key Set 2”. Let’s say we re-organize, now key #10 is moved to “Key Set 3” I now have to go to all five listings to remember to change them. Instead, I could have a separate item that has the information about the key #10, and on each room that uses that key, I would have a custom field that links to that item created for key #10. Clicking that link would bring you to that item. Now that we are able to link to items, I could include a link to that item in the note or custom field, but it is not a clickable hyperlink. The user would have to copy and paste it into their browser, and especially on mobile phone is rather impractical.

This feature request has had similar iterations, but I think this solution would be wide reaching.

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I would like to share my current workaround for this.

I’ve set up my user/passwork using ‘[email protected]’, using multiple URI, and created custom field on the bitwarden entry with the FieldName, and set it to fill with just ‘user’.

It has been working great for me, even tho its a bit flaky as if any of the websited I used shared the same FieldName, it woulden work.

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I don’t get it. Could you please explain this method in more detail?

Need this feature also, like others related to work domain account. Password is shared between all sites, but account username is written differently. Additionally multiple sites have their own 2FA, so having them as one entry with multiple sites will get messy fast also. Cherry on top is that the password needs to be changed once a month so keeping everything up to date currently is huge pain.

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